Born of a love for the avant-garde, with a zest to celebrate elaborate hand
embroideries, Sana Barreja arrived into the world of fashion in 2017. Guided by
the intricacies of hand craftsmanship, and with keen attention to detail, the
brand endeavors to empower women who embrace their individualistic sense of
style. The label is engineered towards clean lines, romantic silhouettes, and
customized fits while incorporating an amalgamation of contemporary and
fusion styles.

Imbibing the contours and discipline of architecture, the delicate hues of romance and the soft strokes of nature, the brand is a marriage of effortless design and grace. It works tirelessly to deliver exquisite handcrafted details that enthuse and embolden the expression of idiosyncrasy. Sana Barreja designs are a reflection of the dynamic style-scape through a progressive lens.

With a presence across several sartorial giants, Sana Barreja is available at Ensemble, Ogaan, Aza, Pernia’s Pop Up Shop, and Aashni & Co.